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Come on into my little place on the internet. It is my own little world, but they like me here. Most of this is just pictures of my 'ugly little monsters' as my wife so lovingly calls them, with a few other odds and ends tossed in when I feel like it.



I have been playing miniature wargames for over 10 years now, and in that time I have been to a lot of tournaments. Some have gone very smoothly; others not so much. A common issue seems to be simply tracking the scores each round, and getting the matchups out for the next round in a timely fashion.

Warscore is dead. The site is gone, though the java app still works, but you cannot upload, and all the history of all the tournaments is kaput. designed to help the tournament organizer with this, and does it very well. It is simple to configure the tournament, simple to add players, and with one click you can create matchups based on a huge amount of criteria (to prevent people who have already played from playing again, for example). It has multiple levels of filtering, so you can also keep people from playing someone in their own gaming group, or against their own army. It even can be set up for banding. Some of the biggest tournaments are currently using it including Buckeye Battles, Crossroads GT and Da Boyz GT.

Give it a try - it is free after all. The plans are to soon have a place to upload your tournament results to allow for player ranking as well.



Reasons why wargaming is better than Sex (thanks to Larry Leadhead):
  1. You wife doesn't care if you want to play more than once a week
  2. If a games ends prematurely, your wife's usually happy about it.
  3. You don't have to change position
  4. Because in Wargaming if you can't get your unit up the hill, nobody laughs
  5. Because if you fall asleep, the figures will still be there in the morning
  6. You don't have to cuddle at the end of the close combat phase
  7. Lack of good looks is not a major obstacle to success
  8. You can stop for a beer and start again where you left off
  9. Your gun can be as long as you want
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