Kings of War Abyssal Dwarfs

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I believe in capitalism, and honest competition. So I put my money where my mouth is, and started playing Kings of War, by Mantic games - a competitor to Warhammer. It is also a unit based game - so it gives me the opportunity to model things the way I want, not the way their book looks. So my first army with them is Abyssal Dwarfs - and of course I end up choosing a brass / red color scheme straight out of the book for them. However I am going with the fire image I always liked - black skin and all have orange, fiery beards/hair.

The whole shebang

The entire army, with the display board.



KoW has characters, but does not require them. The general is an Overmaster, but there are no special rules for generals in the system.

Iron Caster

Magic wielders, able to heal and support the war machines

Abyssal Halfbreed Champion

Their version of bull centaur character


The main infantry unit of the army. I've split mine into two regiments of twenty


Main shooting unit - the blunderbusses have a devasting, if short ranged, attack. I have two troops of 10

Immortal Guard

The elite infantry of the abyssal dwarfs. A regiment of 20

Abyssal Berserkers

These are the crazy evil dwarfs who don't care about protecting themselves. Hit hard, but crumple when hit back

Slave Orcs

Evil dwarfs always seem to have lots of slaves around. Not reliable, but can pack a punch.

Abyssal Halfbreeds

A combination of a bull and an abyssal dwarf, these centaurs are one of the strongest cavalry units in the game

Lesser Obsidian Golems

Slow, tough, animated constructs controlled by the Iron Casters. I rebased my Confrontation Earth Elementals, and now have some of the new Mantic versions


Flying creatures ready to pounce on weakened units like vultures. I'm using some old mage knight figures until they come out with Mantic sculpts

War Engines
Katsuchan Rocket Launcher

Powerful rockets that can destroy a unit, when they hit it

'Dragon' Fire-team

Short range, so they can hit the units that get too close to the other war engines

Angkor Heavy Mortar

Even stronger than the rocket launcher, when this hits it destroys units

Greater Obsidian Golem

Towering stone giants that smash other units

This site was last updated February 23rd, 2014