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In 2007, I ran events at Origins and GenCon to promote Rackham's Confrontation. The event was a single player where each player would collect gems on an erupting volcano - while fighting off the fire, air and earth creatures Elementals and Familiars that were defending the volcano. Then at the end of the convention the players with the three highest scores would get medals I had made for the event. It was moderately successful, and it did not help that Rackham choose that summer to announce Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok - effectively dumping the old game for pre-painted plastic miniatures. That didn't work out so well for them as they are now out of business - but I did build six boards (which have been AOL for several years) and six sets of figures that the players would battle against. Old pictures, but better than the old site :-)
These were fairly powerful, and each came with their own unique spell cards.
Air Elemental Dark Elemental
Earth Elemental Fire Elemental
These were mainly used to get spell cards, and give minor boosts to casters. More interesting is that these sculpts were reused for the new Cool Mini or Not Game "Guilds of Cadwallon", cast in colored plastic.
Air Familiars
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