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So I'd been playing my original United Goblin Postal Service for a while, and is my habit I was loosing a lot. I did well but as soon as I got into combat I crumbled. I wanted an army that could actually hit something. In December of 2004, GW release their first completely new army since I'd started the hobby with Ogre Kingdoms. Big, baby eating monsters. I figured this is the army I needed. So I took the money I got from Christmas and bought the new army box - and painted it in time for a tournament at the end of January!

The whole shebang

A couple of shots of my army before the new edition of the book came out.


My Ogre Kingdoms FireEaters Tribe won Best Appearance at the Rogue Trader Tournament held at the Guard Tower in Columbus Ohio on October 1st, 2005.

Tyrant / Bruiser / BSB
Slaughtermaster / Butcher / FireBelly
Hunter Scrag the Slaughterer
Core Units
Ogres / Ironguts / Gnoblars
Special Units
Leadbelchers / Mournfang Cavalry
Rare Units
Slave Giant / Iron Blaster Cannon

I have done display boards before, but this is the most elaborate.

The slayer swimming in the pond is one of my favorite little bits


I have done display boards before, but this is the most elaborate.

This display needed to be able to server cold, fresh, home brewed beer!

So I built a cart around a cooler for a keg, with a tap off the display board.

I then built up a display board around the tower.

My wife made me a wrap/curtain to hide the cart, and the first beer from my display tastes delicious!

I then replaced the curtain on 3 sides with custom removable panels

and added a drip tray for the tap

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