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Yes, I'm doing a new, completely separate, Orc & Goblin army. Why? Why not? Actually like all my other true themed armies, this started with an idea that just wouldn't stop. A while back (well over a year), one of the people that comes from Indianapolis to the tournaments around here (and kicks my butt, at modelling, painting and playing) was posting on our local gaming forum asking for conversion ideas for his squig hopper unit for a pirate themed O&G army. The one that I had that stuck with me was sharks, and the image of goblins "jumping the shark" just wouldn't leave, and suddenly I had ideas for all sorts of units (crab riders, surfers, orcs on jet skis, etc).

I don't think he went with my idea, and so I started working very slowly - cutting up spiders and making crabs. I knew the new 8th edition of the game was coming out, and with it a new army book, and I didn't want to model myself into a corner (as it were) with the changes that could be coming.

The new book came out, and along with it plastic savage orcs (which I had already decided to use) making it much easier and cheaper to get the army, so it was time to seriously get started with it.

The whole shebang

The entire army, with the display board.


Their first outing was to the Origins 2011 Indy GT on June 25, where much bashin was done (unfortunately more to them than by them, as I went 1-3). However they did win both General's Choice and Best Appearance, which is the best I could hope for. The awards were engraved flasks. Then on July 10 I won General's Choice at the fifth annual Buckeye Battles in Columbus Ohio. This was a bit bigger, as there were 84 people there this year!

Savage Orc Warlord on Boar

The general is riding a three wheeler, patrolling the beach

Savage Orc Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer on Boar

The BSB should be carrying the biggest banner in the army. So what is bigger than a big sail - so he is windsurfing

Savage Orc Shaman on Boar

So the shaman is the lifeguard on a tower. I was going for the Pamela Sue Anderson look from Baywatch

Night Goblin Big Boss on Giant Cave Squig

This started the army. I wanted the squig hoppers to be "Jumping the Shark", and so wanted a character with them. The legs were cut off the squig, and then he was greenstuffed into a shark, basically leaving only the teeth and character on top showing.

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider

To beef up the spider riders, I wanted a character. The Gigantic Spider is a Tomb Kings Tomb Scorpion converted to a crab

Core Units
Savage Orc Boyz

I wanted this army to be different than the UGPS, so I went with Savage Orcs. My thought was that the infantry would be the big guys working out on muscle beach

Night Goblins

Ok, so I gave up here. I had no idea how to convert the night goblins, so I used the old idea for "snail mail" as it fits the theme anyway.

Of course, what are night goblins without fanatics? In this case a squid, octopus and jellyfish

Forest Goblin Spider Riders

The spider riders became crab riders. The crabs were actually built from the front halves of the spiders glued together, with the legs repositioned. Claws are from the Daemonettes of Slaneesh models

Special Units
Savage Orc Boar Boyz

The boar boyz are riding jetskis instead, out of 40K Ork warbikes and plasticard

Squig Hoppers

And the rest of the "jumping the shark" unit. All squigs, if just to get their teeth. Then fanatics and older night goblin models for the riders, as these are now cavalry instead of 'unique' units.

Rare Units

The giant is intended to be a warped version of Ariel, from the little mermaid, in the scene where she is singing and coming up out of the ocean. The tail is actually from a little mermaid doll, the breasts are the bodies of giant spiders left over from making the crabs. Lots of greenstuff and a big shell and some fake coral.

Arachnarok Spider

When the new arachnarok spider came out, I knew I wanted one. It was just huge and cool. Took me a while to figure out what to make of it, and then the idea for a giant lobster popped up. So greenstuff and plasticard turned him from a spider to a lobster.

Other Stuff

One thing I have not done with my armies before was to make a custom turn counter - I have seen some of these for others so decided I needed to step it up a bit. The night goblin is roasting the snotling like a marshmallow over the fire, and he turns around the fire so his stick points to the current turn.

This site was last updated July 11, 2011