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This year it will be held at Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio on November 12th and 13th.  The address is 400 Granville Street Newark, OH 43055

Cost is once again $50, and we hope to be able to provide lunch (pizza) on Sunday and maybe even Saturday (TBD).

To Register - please paypal $50 to  Include your name and the army you will be playing.  There is a limit of 40 players, so first come, first serve.

Registrations before November 1st will receive a $10 gift card to GTA!

Lists are due by November 4th at midnight EST for full sportsmanship points to


Unfortunately the insurance office parking across the street from the store is no longer available for us to park in.  However Newark High School has said that we can park there - it is close, and if necessary we will run shuttles back and forth.

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War King Reference
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War Kings III


Name Army War King Club
Allen Blount Orcs link
Blake Shrode Abyssal Dwarfs link Friday Night Garage Gamers
Dan White Abyssal Dwarfs link
David Baker Salamanders link Ohio War Kings
Felix Castro Halflings link Ohio War Kings
Grace Patterson Fishstalkers link Ohio War Kings
Henry Williams Forces of the Abyss link
Jon Carter Squirrelkin link Ohio War Kings
Kara Brown Riftforged Orcs link Ohio War Kings
Ken Crawford Northern Alliance link Ohio War Kings
Kyle Ritchey Goblins link Friday Night Garage Gamers
Marshall Temple Undead link Indy War Kings
Matthew Temple Forces of the Abyss link Indy War Kings
Mike Early Kingdoms of Men link
Paul Cravo Sylvan Kin link Ohio War Kings
Ray Weiandt Forces of the Abyss link
Roger Connor Undead link
Steve Mallone Ratkin link Ohio War Kings
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