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Hoosier Storm 2023 Mantic Event Page
Hoosier Storm 2023 Mantic Tournament Page

This year it will be held at 4H Annex Building in the Boone County Fairgrounds, Lebanon Indiana on Feburary 11th & 12th.  The address is 1300 E 100 S, Lebanon, IN 46052

Cost is once again $40, and we hope to be able to provide lunch (pizza) on Sunday and maybe even Saturday (TBD).

To Register - please paypal $40 to  Include your name and the army you will be playing.  There is a limit of 32 players, so first come, first serve.

Lists are due by February 6h at midnight EST for full sportsmanship points to

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Appearance Scoring
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Hoosier Storm 2023


Name Army Club
Andrew Summers(W) Abyssal Dwarfs INDY
Dave Baker Salamanders CBS
Erich Trowbridge Goblins CBS
Felix Castro Halflings OWK
Grace Patterson Nightstalkers CBS
Henry Williams Abyssals CINCY
Jackson Blakemore Brothermark OWK
Jeff Franz Trident Realm INDY
John Blakemore Free Dwarfs OWK
John Dorney Empire of Dust OWK
Kara Brown Riftforged Orcs OWK
Kyle Martin Empire of Dust INDY
Matthew Temple Abyssals INDY
Mike Carter(R) Trident Realm OWK
Paul Cravo Sylvan Kin OWK
Scott Salee Salamanders INDY
Steve Malone Varangur CBS
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Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5